OMDforwebOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), the synth-pop duo from Wirral, England, pioneered their genre combining massive chart success with experimentation on albums such as “Organisation”(1980) “Architecture and Morality” (1981) and “Dazzle Ships” (1983). Hits such as “Enola Gay”, “Maid of Orleans” and ‘Souvenir’ propelled them into the stratosphere and helped shape the musical landscape of the eighties. OMD re-united in 2007 and have been playing sold out concerts to critical and fan acclaim ever since. Two new studio albums “History of Modern” and “English Electric” show the band to be one of the few of their generation still able to create music that inspires. OMD’s festival set is full of energy and loaded with their hits, so bring your dancing shoes!



HowardJonesIt was in 1983 that Howard Jones released his first single New Song in the UK. The expectation was that it might sell a few thousand copies and introduce his fresh new music to an unsuspecting world. The reality was quite different. The single steadily climbed the UK chart to peak at number 3.

Then came the second single What Is Love? which reached number 2 in the UK and the third single, the enigmatic Hide and Seek which showed the spiritual side of Howard Jones’ writing. This was followed by the first album Human’s Lib which came straight in at number one in the UK in April 1984, eventually going platinum and which took the synthesiser and Howard to a new plateau. This success spread across the globe with Human’s Lib going gold in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy and Australia.

With a large and loyal fanbase and album sales now exceeding eight million, this consummate musician and writer has maintained an admirable independence, writing, recording, performing and touring in the way only he knows how. He has proved that he is one of the most talented writers and performers out there. His independent attitude and his ability and willingness to take risks ensure that he continues to operate on the cutting edge of today’s music.



SisterSledgeWhile musical history has recorded a lengthy list of performing family groups, there are but a handful who have truly transcended the genre – who are simply great musical units, regardless of their formal kinship. Four gifted, and beautiful young women, who also happen to be real life sisters, Sister Sledge has clearly joined this elite club of performers. The dedication and strength of family has had a crucial influence on the girl’s success, supporting the hard work, positive action and love that have gone into the creation of their music. With the encouragement of mother Florez (a successful entertainer in her own right), the Sledge sisters began singing at an early age in their hometown of Philadelphia. Grandmother Viola Williams (a former opera singer, Julliard Graduate and protégé of Mary McCloud Bethune) started the young women performing at charities, civic and political affairs and other philanthropic events.

Since the release of their breakthrough album We Are Family, this remarkable group has continued to develop and expand their diverse talents, blossoming into multi-faced artists who have received over one hundred awards and commendations for outstanding work in the entertainment field. Highlights include Billboard Artist of the Year, Tokyo Music Festival Silver Award, and Two (2) Grammy Nominations for Best R&B Duo or Group and Record of the Year. The song We Are Family won the Grammy for Record of the Year.

Sister Sledge became established as one of the world’s most successful female groups, setting off a series of events, which made the group virtually a household name. We Are Family became a worldwide family anthem and was adopted by the Pittsburgh Pirates as the team theme. That year, the Pirates claimed victory over the Baltimore Orioles, winning the World Series. Ultimately the album soared past the RIAA Platinum mark, hitting the very top of both Pop and R&B charts.

In the 80s and 90s, the world witnessed the full flowering of four college graduates with subsequent hits, Lost in Music, Love Somebody Today, Reach Your Peak and the international Gold Record, Frankie and World Rise and Shine, number 1 in Italy.

In the new millennium, Sister Sledge continues to sell millions of records worldwide and travel extensively in Asia, Africa, throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, Australia and the United States, earning rave reviews. “Sister Sledge has the stuff legends are made of,” stated one critic from the Chicago Tribune.

Sister Sledge has captured the hearts of many diverse audiences, from Carnegie Hall in New York, to the Sun Plaza in Tokyo, and from the State Center Accra Ghana, to the Glastonbury Music Festival in United Kingdom, and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.



TiffanyOnce upon a time in the 80s a little girl in Norwalk CA, had dreams of becoming a Country singer. She started singing the songs of her favourite country artists Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and Emmylou Harris. By age 9 she was performing with her own band. The following year she was discovered by Legendary Country music songwriters Hoyt and Mae Axton, who first brought Tiffany to Music City, Nashville TN. She opened for Country Stars and performed on Various Nashville TV Shows. Unfortunately, labels were not interested in signing the young singer because of her age.

She returned to Los Angeles, and within 4 years she began an International Pop Superstar going on to sell over 16 Million Albums. She achieved Two International #1 Hit Singles, “I Think We’re Alone Now”, and “Could’ve Been”, & continued to have chart topping success with her singles “I Saw Him Standing There”, “All This Time”, & “Radio Romance”.

After Two World Tours & achieving widespread fame, it was time for Tiffany to start a family. At age 21 she gave birth to her son Elijah and took a back seat from the music spotlight; Enjoying motherhood & family life, but also nurturing her songwriting talents.

“I wanted to write songs but I was very shy about it and needed to build my confidence in that area”. Tiffany later broke out the shyness and accomplished two critically acclaimed albums: 2000’s “The Color of Silence” (Billboard – Top Ten Best Albums of the Year) and 2007’s “Just Me”. Tiffany also had massive #1 success throughout Asia with her single “If Love is Blind”. She later released three Top 20 US Billboard Dance singles, which she co-wrote.

Tiffany moved back to Nashville with her family in 2008. “It feels great to be back, I love it here. Being part of the songwriting community is very special to me, Its truly an honor.”

In 2011 she recorded “Rose Tattoo” a country pop EP. “I’ve always wanted to do a country project that would show my love for country music. And open the door to tell stories of my earlier experiences in the music biz before i was successful in my pop career”.

Tiffany continues to write & record, and has been seen by millions of viewers on such reality TV Shows as: “Rachael Ray VS. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off” (Food Network), “Celebrity Wife Swap” (ABC), “Celebrity Fit Club” (VH1), “Celebrity Ghost Stories” (A&E), & “Food Network Challenge”. She was also invited to Headline the GMA “Good Morning America ~ Summer Concert Series”.

Tiffany also partnered with SyFy Channel, Starring in “Mega Piranha” (Highest Rated Movie of 2010) and the highly publicized “Mega Python vs Gatoroid” alongside Debbie Gibson, which was top Rated & received the most press in the history of the network!

Tiffany is very involved in the local community. She mentors young singer/songwriters, produces charity concerts for the Humane Society, and is also the Official Spokesperson for American Heart Association in Nashville. “Charities and local community needs are something I love helping with, its very fulfilling” says Tiffany.

Opening TIFFANYS BOUTIQUE in East Nashville in 2012 was a dream fulfilled. “Having a store that caters to women of all sizes, all ages, and from all walks of life, was very important to me”. She has poured her heart and soul into finding pieces from all around the world, as well as working with local designers and reworking vintage pieces.

Tiffany continues to Tour the world, from night clubs to festivals…from Nashville to Singapore… Tiffany is a power house and multi talented artist.



KidCreoleKid Creole & The Coconuts were born out of the burning embers of the brilliant and legendary Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.

For over 30 years, Kid Creole & The Coconuts have been entertaining sellout crowds around the world. The Kid fills out his colourful zoot suits with style and grace, dancing on stage with his inimitable, relentless and self-proclaimed cool, accompanied by his three dazzling damsels – the Coconuts.

Born in the Bronx, August Darnell is a man of multiple cultures, legends and personalities. His love of the big band tradition is evident: he travels with 10 musicians who all share his love of the ultimate musical tapestry (pop, R&B, reggae, calypso, funk, jazz, country, gospel, blues etc). Their live shows have become the stuff of legend.



GoWestPeter Cox met Richard Drummie in 1974 and played him a demo tape. Richard liked what he heard and so began their continuing friendship and collaboration. In 1982 they signed a publishing deal as songwriters ‘Cox and Drummie’. They approached several record companies without success, but with the help of manager John Glover they secured some studio time and recorded their first two singles ‘We Close Our Eyes’ and ‘Call Me’ and renamed themselves Go West. Within a matter of days of completion of these tracks, John was negotiating with Chrysalis Records and Go West finally had a record deal.

‘We Close Our Eyes’ was released in the spring of 1985. It reached number 5 in the UK charts and became a top 10 hit in the USA. This success was followed by three further UK top 10 hits – ‘Call Me’, ‘Goodbye Girl’ and ‘Don’t Look Down’. The album ‘Go West’ sold 1.5 million copies worldwide and remained on the UK chart for 83 weeks, establishing them as one of the greatest songwriting duos to emerge in the 80’s. In 1986 they won the BRIT Award for ‘Best British Newcomer’ – the one BRIT which is decided by the listening public.

In 1992 their third album ‘Indian Summer’ was released. Written and recorded in California, it further justified legendary producer Arif Mardin’s early description of Go West as ‘modern Motown’. ‘Indian Summer’ included the single ‘King Of Wishful Thinking’, the opening song in the hugely successful film ‘Pretty Woman’. The film’s soundtrack has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. ‘King Of Wishful Thinking’ received ASCAP awards in 1991 and 1992 as one of the most played songs on American radio. ‘Faithful’, the second single from the album, received similar BMI Awards in 1992 and 1993.

Following Peter’s success on the TV series ‘Reborn In The USA’ he, Go West and Tony Hadley performed together on a 60 date UK tour in 2004.



MattBiancoMatt Bianco is a UK pop group formed by the late Kito Poncioni (bass), Mark Reilly (vocals) and Danny White (keyboards) in 1982, all originally members of the band Blue Rondo A La Turk.

For their first album Whose Side Are You On? they hired unknown polish vocalist Basia Trzetrzelewska. Her vocal arrangements gave the album a jazzy dimension that Reilly and White couldn’t anticipate, and hits like Get Out of Your Lazy Bed and Half a Minute turned Matt Bianco into one of the biggest acts of 1984’s Europe. The band name suggests that Matt Bianco is a personal name, but Matt is “a made up spy, a secret agent; we loved spy TV themes and film scores.”

Basia and Danny White left the group after the first album to pursue a lucrative solo-career with Sony under the name Basia. Mark Reilly, now without a musical partner, found keyboard player and session musician Mark Fisher and recorded the next (self titled) Matt Bianco album, followed by a European tour that saw them perform in front of more than 250,000 people.

After another album with Warner Brothers Samba In Your Casa (1991), Reilly and Fisher split from their record company and went freelance: From now on they would record their albums in their own studios and then offer them to independent distributors worldwide. After twenty years recording and touring Mark Fisher started to crave for a different lifestyle and the two split amicably.

Basia and Danny White joined with Mark Reilly to reform the original Matt Bianco in 2003, after 20 years apart. In 2004, Matt Bianco released the album Matt’s Mood. The following year, they embarked on a world tour, which included stops in the UK, Japan, and the United States.



LivingInABoxFormed in Sheffield, England in 1985, the British pop-funk group Living In A Box boomed onto MTV early in 1987 with a song named after themselves. After debuting on the UK chart at number 42, within 2 weeks it had raced up the charts to number 5 and catapulted the band to instant stardom. Further Top 40 hits followed from their eponymous gold-selling debut album with Scales Of Justice and So The Story Goes.

The second album ‘Gatecrashing’ was released in 1989 and the first single ‘Blow The House Down’ went straight to number 10, firmly establishing Living In A Box, once again, as ‘chart-toppers’. Sadly, due to radio stations pulling the title track, and second single, ‘Gatecrashing’ in the wake of the terrible events at Hillsborough in April of that year, Living In A Box’s fortunes dipped through the second half of 1989. However, waiting in the wings was the track that few people, except maybe true ‘Box’ fans, even associate with them, ‘Room In Your Heart’. This beautiful ballad, which to this day receives thousands of radio plays and YouTube hits, soared up the charts in October 1989 to number 5. ‘Room In Your Heart’ stayed on the chart for 16 weeks; unheard of today.

Differences with the record company over issues following the labels takeover by EMI and the lack of support received from the company in the USA, led to the band splitting up in 1990.

2017 will see Living In A Box tour again with Chrysalis label mate and long-time friend Kenny Thomas taking over the lead vocals. They will be playing all their hits, top album favourites and songs that have influenced them over the years.



TechnotronicThe act that first rocked the international dance community to its core in 1989. The collaboration of unique musical talent that unexpectedly pushed house music into the mainstream; it is the band behind the house anthem Pump Up The Jam.

Aiming to fuse hip-hop and house, Technotronic was the brainchild of the Belgian producer Jo Bogaert who collaborated with the vocal talent of Manuela Kamosi (Ya Kid K) to devastating effect. Their first single was the groundbreaking Pump Up The Jam – a track that took the world by storm and one which is now considered a seminal house classic.

Originally recorded as an instrumental, Pump Up The Jam hit #2 in the UK sales chart and the US Hot 100 and follow up singles such as Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over), This Beat Is Technotronic and Move This all enjoyed extensive chart success throughout the world. Technotronic debut album titled Pump Up The Jam was also a major success and their total record sales are now somewhere in the region of 14 million.

At the peak of the their original success, Technotronic played live shows opening for the likes of Madonna as well as making TV appearances on Saturday Night Live, The Arsenio Hall Show and It’s Showtime At The Apollo. Throughout the 1990s Technotronic went on to release four albums and further singles such as Move It To The Rhythm while their music also featured in a number of high profile Hollywood films.

Technotronic remain in huge demand and are destined to reclaim their ownership of the dance floor. A truly talented and innovative act with a legendary status at the heart of dance floor culture; this is an opportunity that should not be missed.



FromTheJam1972 saw one of the most influential and legendary bands in the history of rock music emerge, as three ordinary guys from Woking in Surrey juxtaposed punk rock anger with R&B influences and the dapper aesthetics of 60s mod culture, creating the unstoppable musical force of The Jam. Over ten years, the three piece – comprised of drummer Rick Buckler, frontman Paul Weller and bass player Bruce Foxton – forged a timeless legacy of widespread emotional resonance, with a variety of accomplishments ranging from 18 consecutive top 40 UK singles to four UK number one singles and a UK number one album. Providing all the power and low-end that helped to initially propel the trio into the stratosphere, Foxton gave The Jam half of an integral component to their success: an energetic rhythm section. Driving the band’s enduring appeal into the hearts and minds of all who witnessed it first hand, Foxton’s bass rounded out Weller’s songs, throughout a career that weaved its place into the historical tapestry of both musical culture and British culture as a whole.

After a farewell tour and subsequent break up in 1982, the members went their separate ways. Weller formed The Style Council and later became a solo artist, while Buckler formed the short-lived Time UK. Foxton – however – took a different path. After gaining experience in The Jam fronting ‘David Watts’ (a cover of The Kinks) and ‘News Of The World’ (one of his own compositions) he stepped out solo and scored a hit single with ‘Freak’.

Foxton then got a call from frontman Jake Burns of Belfast punk rock legends Stiff Little Fingers and consequently played bass with them for the following fifteen years. He featured on four SLF albums: ‘Flags’ and ‘Emblem’, ‘Get A Life’, ‘Tinderbox’ and ‘Guitar and Drum’, whilst also taking part in various other projects, specifically Sharp, in which he reunited with Buckler for a single entitled ‘Entertain Me’. Foxton then quit Stiff Little Fingers in 2006, and became part of Casbah Club (with Pete Townshend’s brother Simon), Mark Brzezicki and Bruce Watson of Big Country, supporting The Who in the U.K. The following year, the seeds of From The Jam were sown.

In 2007, Foxton joined Buckler in The Gift, a band that exclusively played material from The Jam and was fronted by Russell Hastings, the only frontman to work with both Buckler and Foxton since Paul Weller. With Foxton, he acted as a co-writer on his last album ‘Back In The Room’, which reached number 21 in the UK charts. Hastings even collaborated with Paul Weller in the studio in 2011.

The project eventually shape-shifted from The Gift to From The Jam, as Buckler left and various incarnations materialised with different members, among them Mark Brzezicki on drums. Hastings gained further experience in this realm with the classic material, performing it with respect and admiration. His passion and understanding of The Jam’s history and legacy is second to none, and as frontman of ‘From The Jam’ he sees the songs in a completely new light.

“It’s spine-tingling to play those songs. I’ve always treated them as if they’re my own children, and have felt like I’ve got a responsibility towards those songs, and a responsibility towards the legacy of The Jam. I treat them with the utmost respect, and lots of energy, As a result, oddly enough, I understand them a lot more these days. Lyrically, Paul was very advanced.”

Fans of the band have accepted Hastings as a man that fills Paul’s shoes supremely well and delivers the classic Jam material with legitimacy and skill. He and Foxton, along with new drummer Smiley (who joined the enigmatic trio in 2013, and comes from a background of working with Joe Strummer and Robbie Williams, along with European stadium band Archive), solidify the present incarnation of the project, which is currently at the peak of its powers.

From The Jam are one of the most hard-working bands in music. While most bands tour for set periods at a time, they tend to do it all year round, Russell Hastings explains, “I think it’s testament to the strength of the songs that we can tour that much. It’s just great that there are so many fans out there that love the music of The Jam.”

Adding to that live sound on tour is Tom Heel on keyboards. Hastings explains how he became a part of the project, “we met him at Paul Weller’s studio; he was playing on Paul’s new single, on drums, so he comes from a good pedigree. It just means that when we play live now, there’s a big four piece on stage. It fills out the sound.”

Their commitment has been paying off big time. Crowds have been expanding, and their name has gradually found itself moving up festival bills, “the numbers – as far as the crowds – have just been getting bigger, which is great thing for us. You get really fired up from those fans” Hastings says, “it’s been great, and also, it’s paid its dividends back in the venues now. The band feels on fire.”

Also included in the set are tracks from Foxton’s acclaimed ‘Back In The Room’ record – a song from which (‘Window Shopping’), was used on an episode of Top Gear – strengthening their position as their own unique, independent entity. This independence has become no more apparent than recently, as the band’s versatility and professionalism has allowed them to play a multitude of different shows, deviating from an acoustic tour ‘That’s Entertainment’, to a greatest hits set ‘The Public Gets What The Public Wants’.

Hastings explains these different types of show, “on the ‘That’s Entertainment’ tour, we do anything that was acoustically done by The Jam, or just anything else we feel like doing acoustically, along with a Q+A session. ‘The Public Gets What The Public Wants’ tour is very different. It’s basically the big festival set, all the hits, hit after hit, straight away. Oh and there’s also the ‘Setting Sons’ tour, in which – because it’s the 35th anniversary of the album, we play the whole of ‘Setting Sons’ in its entirety, and then finish on loads more hits.”

At their essence, From The Jam are a band keeping a spirit alive, a spirit that should be preserved. Since the 70s, The Jam’s music has punctured the airwaves with its power. From The Jam don’t rehash that power. Instead, they keep it going, they celebrate the material, and even give the crowd some new stuff. Hastings states simply, “I want to sing those songs as I remember them.” From The Jam enables that to happen, and crowds across the world – for years to come – will sing them right back.

In November 2015 Bruce and Russell announced that they were returning to the studio to record a new album ‘Smash The Clock’. Scheduled for release in October 2015 the news was announced on crowdfunding site PledgeMusic, with Bruce saying “Its [Back In The Room’s] success was made possible by Pledge Music and, in turn, by you the public getting involved, for which we can’t thank you enough. The initial demos are sounding great and Russ & I can’t wait to start recording in early January. As on the last album we will have a few guest appearances, which we’re really excited about.”




The truly great bands are the ones you recognise in an instant – from a snatch of vocal, an inimitable snap and swagger of rhythm, a sonic fingerprint that says this could not possibly be anyone else.

That’s the way it is with ‘Bounce’, the spectacular new fourth album by first-generation 2 Tone skankers turned purveyors of joyous political pop The Beat. From the clipped and hectic rude boy shuffle of new tunes ‘Avoid The Obvious’ to the chiming sunshine pop romance of ‘Heaven Hiding’ through to ‘Fire Burn’’s heavy-duty righteousness, ‘Bounce’ shows off every gleaming aspect of the most musically diverse band to come out of the multiracial, multicultural explosion that remade British pop from 1979 onwards.

‘Bounce’ is the first album from The Beat in over 30 years and released on independent label DMF Records. Written by a combination of Ranking Roger, Mick Lister and Ranking Junior, it has been produced by Mick Lister (Bad Company, Amy Winehouse, The Feeling) and mixed by Tim Hamill and Mick Lister except Side to Side and My Dream mixed by Dennis Bovell (The Slits, Madness).

The same energy that drove the hit singles of the 80s; ‘Mirror In The Bathroom’, ‘Stand Down Margaret’ and ‘Too Nice To Talk To’ – reggae looseness plus razor-sharp songwriting meets the paranoid pace of punk – is here again. It’s all been re-rubbed, freshened and refracted through the multiple dance sounds that followed on from 2 Tone, all the black-meets-white, bass-meets-melody mashups that The Beat helped to trigger. Look into the DNA of every generation of British ravers from The Prodigy through drum’n’bass to UK grime and you’ll find traces of The Beat in there.

Joining Roger in the revitalised Beat is his son Ranking Junior AKA Matthew Murphy, a powerhouse MC who adds a new dimension to The Beat’s live shows, along with drummers Oscar Harrison of Ocean Colour Scene and Fuzz Townshend of Pop Will Eat Itself . The line-up is completed by Chiko Hamilton on sax, bass guitar Andy Pearson, guitarist Steve Harper and Bobby Bird whose background in ambient dub as Higher Intelligence Agency brings a new psychedelic dimension to The Beat.

“….a band at the top of their game” Louder than War

“…..The Beat. Who needs the brave new world when the old school is still this good?” Sunday Mirror



BlockheadsStarting out as the band behind Ian Dury, the Blockheads are a legendary outfit that has grown in stature from the early days of the Stiff tour in 1977, right up to the present day. Backing up Ian Dury’s poetic lyrics, this is the band that brought you ‘Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick’, ‘What A Waste’, ‘Reasons to be Cheerful (Part 3)’, and ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’, among many others.

Rarely off the road since the demise of Ian Dury in 2000, but now with Derek Hussey fronting the band, the Blockheads are still one of the most underrated British bands of all time, with a legion of fans of all ages.

Their last studio album, ‘Same Horse Different Jockey’, was released on 23rd November 2013, which was also the 35th anniversary of the release of ‘Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick’, and continues to show both their diversity and supreme quality, as well as showcasing their uniqueness.

Derek Hussey’s lyrics in the bands new songs keep the combination of poetry, word play, earthy humour and deadly-accurate observations of everyday, British working-class life, that Ian Dury had perfected, but with an added bite for the 21st century. Hussey is known to the bands followers as Dury’s best friend and minder, memorably singing with Ian and the band at a televised concert in the late 90’s.

This album release campaign was supported by a hugely successful Kickstarter project, with the fans getting involved and enabling the band to make music videos in association with Free Seed Films ( You can see the videos from ‘Same Horse Different Jockey’, ‘Express Yourself’, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ and ‘Confused’ on the Blockheads YouTube channel: . In addition there has also been a remake of the classic ‘Blockhead Watch’, but for the modern generation, with a ‘Blockhead Clock’ available for iPhones from the Apple app store.

As a companion piece to this album, the band released a remix album ‘Same Song Different Mix’, containing a remix of each track. To create this album, the stems (the individual instruments) were made available, giving anyone a chance to submit a remix for the album. The best one for each song was selected to create this interesting new take on the material.

As well as through their own new material, interest in “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll”, the recent biopic of their erstwhile front man Ian Dury, the performance of ‘Spasticus Autisticus’ at the 2012 Para-Olympic Opening Ceremony, and the musical ‘Reasons To be Cheerful’, has seen a resurgence in the bands popularity over the past couple of years and they continue to go from strength to strength.

Along with some new material you can expect to hear “Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick”, “Wake Up And Make Love With Me”, “Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part 3)”, “What A Waste”, “Clevor Trever”, “Sweet Gene Vincent” and many more from the illustrious back catalogue.

The Blockheads are fronted by Derek ‘The Draw’ Hussey, and Chaz Jankel, Norman Watt-Roy, John Turnbull and Mick Gallagher still remain from the original band. The current line-up is augmented by John Roberts on drums and a rolling line up of saxophonists that includes Gilad Atzmon, Terry Edwards and Dave Lewis.



FlockOfSeagullsA Flock Of Seagulls was started by Mike Score in 1980 in Liverpool. The name was taken from The Stranglers song “Toiler on the Sea”,. The inaugural line-up of the band featured Mike, who was previously a hairdresser, on keyboards and lead vocals.

A Flock Of Seagulls are an English new wave and synthpop band Mike Score Keyboards, Vocals, and his brother Alister “Ali” James Score Drums, with most famous line-up consisting of the Score brothers along with Francis Lee “Frank” Maudsley Bass, and Paul Reynolds Guitar.

They began to release singles through Jive Records. The Group released their debut single `Talking` (Produced by Nelson), on Bill Nelson`s Cocteau label. They were then signed to major label Jive, distributed through CBS records, where they released their second single `Telecommunication` The single was also produced by Nelson and became a club hit. Their third release was the EP `Modern love is Automatic`. Originally released as a 4 track EP on both 7” and 12”, the 12” edition was soon reissued adding `Telecommunication`. This 5 track EP was also their first release in the US. In 1982, the groups fourth single `I Ran (So Far Away)`, produced by Mike Howlett, the former bass player of the band Gong, became a worldwide hit, reaching number 1 in Australia and the Top 10 in both the US and New Zealand. Their debut album and another single, `Space age Love Song`, were both also successful. In late 1982, the band finally found major success in their home country with “Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)`, the first single from their next album Listen, which reached the Top 10. Later the band was praised for having broken the ground for other musical acts during the advent of the video music area, but as it turned out, 1982 was the year of their commercial success.

The group had a string of international hit singles including “I Ran (So Far Away)” 1982, “Space Age Love Song” 1982, “Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)” 1982, and “The More You live, the More You Love” 1984. The became notable in the 1980`s for their video for “I Ran (So Far Away)”. The band has also won a Grammy Award.

Brothers Mike and Ali Score decided that they wanted to base the band out of Philadadelphia, Pennsylvania. With past success in the USA, both brothers thought leaving the UK and a new life in America was a perfect solution. With the popularity of first two albums and the name “A Flock Of Seagulls” still having some equity, they had 4 straight sell-out shows in Philadelphia.