Tenpole Tudor

By 27th September 2019

If you think that punk music should be like a McDonalds burger, ie:- utterly predictable and the same every time then your view differs from Tenpole’s!

“The spirit of punk has always been there – it’s something to do with rebellion, e.g. Jerry Lee Lewis or Keith Richards, just happens that in 1976 they named this spirit ‘Punk’.! ” say’s Ed.

Tenpole was glad to find out what he was at last, for he’d been playing guitar and trying to write great songs in that spirit since he was a boy, long before 1976 came along.
“Punk is an attitude not a form of music, ask Steve Jones!!? Say’s Tenpole, ” I date back to the birth of punk rock when it was all about being original, create your own look, and before the time when it became a competition to see which band could sound the most similar to another! I’ve always rebelled against uniformity.

If it is just a simple formula then it is not subversive, and if there is no subversion, ladies & gentlemen, it ain’t Punk!!” “At the moment I’m trying to see how much excitement can be generated with a man, a guitar, & an audiences.

If you have to label what I play, call it Rock’n’Roll. Ever onward my fellow being’s! Avoid stagnation: whatever else it is, Punk is surely anti-stagnation!?” “By the way, all your view’s on what punk represents are as true & valid as mine, however different, we all think our opinion is the right one, but who can judge??

  • UB40
  • Tony Hadley
  • ABC
  • Howard Jones
  • Midge Ure's Electronica
  • Kim Wilde
  • Toyah
  • The Real Thing
  • Then Jerico
  • The Undertones
  • Wang Chung
  • The Art of What?!
  • Sydney Youngblood
  • The Gibson Brothers
  • Fiction Factory
  • Odyssey
  • Tenpole Tudor
  • Brother Beyond

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